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Bromoxynil octanoate
Common name: bromoxynil octanoate
Chemical name: 3,5-dibromo-4-octanoyloxybenzonitrile
CAS NO.: 1689-99-2
Molecular formula: C15H17Br2NO2
Molecular weight: 403
Details: Properties
Technical material is yellow waxy solid with low volatility, melting point 45-46℃, sublimates at 90℃/13.33Pa, industrial product has a little grease odor. Insoluble in water, solubility at 25℃ is (w/v): acetone>10%, methyl alcohol 10%, xylene 70%.
This product is systematic selective herbicide, which can be used to control annual broad-leaved weeds in corn, sorghum, onion, garlic, mint and other crops.