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25% fomesafen aqueous solution
This product is post-emergence herbicide used in soybean field, it is effective to various broad-leaved weeds. It can be used in eclipta prostrata, celosia argentea, commelina communis, nightshade, field bindweed, Xanthium sibiricum and other wide-leaved weeds.
Method of application and dosage

Spraying date


Application method

Post-emergence early phase
weed 1-4 leaf phase



1. The product shall be used according to recommended dose.
2. Guarantee to spray in time without overlap and misses.
3. Avoid spraying when the growth of crops and weeds is inactive.
4. Don't use during flowering period.
5. Avoid contacting with skin and eyes. In case of contact with this products, rinse with plenty of water, seek medical advice.
6. Keep in cool and dry place.
Warranty period is two years.