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20% fluoroglycofen· auizalofop-p-etbyl E.C
This product has features such as broad spectrum, fast acting speed, high activity, no influence to succession crops. It can be used to control cirsium setosum, sonchus brachyotus, commelina communis, three-colored amaranth, xanthium sibiricum, nightshade, portulaca oleracea, circium japonicum and other broad-leaved weeds.
Objectives of prevention
Cirsium setosum, sonchus brachyotus, commelina communis, Xanthium sibiricum, portulaca oleracea, crab grass, green bristlegrass, eleusine indica and other broad-leaved weeds and grassy weeds.
Method of application

Spraying date

Spraying amount

Application method

Soybean 1-3 compound leaf phase
Weed 2-4 leaf phase


1. Use according to specification.
2. Use under the guidance of agricultural department.
3. In case of contact with skin or eyes, rinse with plenty of clear water; in case of mistake drink, drink water as emetic and seek medical advice.
Warranty period is two years.